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Adult  :  Rs  250.-

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Eric  Le  Court  de  Billot  :  Tel  :  (+230)  52  59  01  97

The  World  of  Seashells  Museum

Chateau Bel Ombre

Bel Ombre, Mauritius


In 1960, after a cyclone, Eric Le Court’s parents began to collect shells all around the beaches of Mauritius. From early childhood, Eric was strongly drawn to nature and more specifically to the sea, a world for which his interest never ceased to grow.
But life goes on, after his studies Eric was confronted with real life. He started work, got married, and had four lovely children. After the death of his father, he took over the shell collection. Unfortunately, his busy professional and family life left little time for shells.
However, he is now retired and all his time is devoted to his shell collection.
Meanwhile technology and means of communication have made huge progress. Through the net, he is able to expand his knowledge and exchange ideas with other shell collectors, biologists, and researchers worldwide. He regularly goes to shell shows and to-day has an expert knowledge of shells.
With a collection of more than 8,000 shells of Mauritius and other countries, Eric wants to share his passion with others. He thought to open a shell museum, to give a chance to everyone to discover these marvels of nature.
In Mauritius, he knows most of the people who have shell collections. He is friends with many of them and often spends a lot of time talking about or exchanging shells.
Over time, his collection has greatly improved. Everybody to whom he shows his collection is amazed. Eric realized by their reaction that most people do not imagine the richness of the world of sea shells.
More the 8,000 seashells are displayed in the museum and some 1,500 species are represented. The room is air conditioned, and a soft music welcomes you. The atmosphere is cool and peaceful. You can walk around the 68 display cabinets leisurely and perhaps hear Philippe Geluck say to you – “If you pick up a shell and bring it to your ear, you will hear the sea. If you bring it to you chest, it will listen to your heart”.

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